Log Home Inspection Services

Hands-free protection of your investment

3 · 6 · 10 Log Maintenance Program

The Assurance and Peace of Mind that your Investment is Protected

Log Building Maintenance and Restoration offers a maintenance program that gives you the satisfaction of knowing your home will be protected.

  • Professional finishing and preservation of your log home is scheduled on a 3-6-10 year basis. Inspections and preventative maintenance is the key to guaranteeing the beauty and longevity of your home.
  • The long term cost savings homeowners will recognize is an added benefit. Proper maintenance will eliminate costly restoration expenditures that may otherwise occur.
  • Proper maintenance offers the assurance and peace of mind that your investment is protected by professionals who specialize in log homes: structural integrity, maintenance and the latest in preservation agents and technology.
  • Log Building Maintenance and Restoration’s Maintenance Program is available everywhere within the continental U.S.

Service Schedule

Comprehensive Inspection & Stain Application, will take place:

  • End of Years 3, 6, 9

A follow-up and consultation on future maintenance needs will take place at the end of each maintenance schedule.

Free estimates are available by calling 1-800-284-6520 OR