Log Home Restoration and Preservation

Before-After Log Home Restoration

Offering more than 75 years of experience, Log Building Maintenance and Restoration’s professionally trained and certified crews offer homeowners the expertise necessary to professionally inspect, repair and maintain log structures. An extensive examination of the interior and exterior of the log structure is performed prior to refurbishing to determine if structural repair is necessary. Log Building Maintenance and Restoration utilizes media blasting technology to remove aged and deteriorated finishes without damage to the home’s compliments and surroundings, followed by the application of environmentally friendly agents to transform and preserve the original wood surface.

Restorations may be as simple as blasting and staining or may be as extensive and complex as log replacement,  beam or roof removal or even complete wall adjustments. If you have a structural problem with your log home we have probably seen and resolved it before.

Whether you have been living in your home for years or just started the building process, Log Building Maintenance and Restoration can help you restore or finish your interior. During the building process of a log home or any home it seems that budgets are over run and some things aren’t completed; sometimes sanding and sealing interior walls is forgotten or completely skipped.

Although it may seem like an impossible task to get the look you want, we can help. Log Building Maintenance and Restoration has extensive experience in sanding and sealing the interiors of log homes. Log homes that require interior restoration need specialized care to restore them properly. Let us bring those dull lifeless walls back to life and brighten up your home.

Media Blasting

Media utilized in the removal of aged and deteriorated finishes is a biodegradable, non-toxic method favored by many log home professionals. This method is proven to remove up to 98% of the existing finish and produces a clean, dry and textured surface ideal for optimal penetration and adhesion of stains and other finishes. The original bare wood surface is ready to be transformed into the new color and finish of your choice.  Learn More

Fire Restoration

Log Building Maintenance and Restoration offers services to repair fire damaged log homes. The tragedy of a fire is hard enough to deal with, so leave the restoration up to the professionals. Fire damage is one area you do not want to attempt as a “do-it-yourself” project. Improper techniques can lead to future problems with strong odors of smoke in the future. We will do a thorough examination of the logs and damaged areas and clean and restore your home back to the dream it was, without the worries of future problems.  Learn More

Wood Decay and Log Placement

Decay is a natural process for any living matter that is exposed to the elements. Wood is no exception. When a tree is cut down, debarked and left unprotected it starts the decay process. Log homes are commonly sold with a preservative treatment to help protect the logs. However, over time these preservatives can break down for multiple reasons (UV rays, rain, sleet, snow, bugs etc.).  Learn More

Air Filtration

There are multiple reasons for possible air infiltration in log homes. Wood is a hygroscopic material, meaning it always will gain and lose moisture, therefore, there are opportunities for gaps to form between your logs. Most log home companies have adequate sealing systems between the logs, however, there are times when the sealing system will fail.  Learn More


As your logs acclimate to your region, occasional failures in your chinking may occur, because of the movement of the logs. Log Building Maintenance and Restoration offers services to inspect and repair your damaged chinking.  Learn More

Staining and Cleaning

The restoration of your log home requires water repellent and protection against the suns UV rays. It is essential that a quality product is used to protect your investment. Log Building Maintenance and Restoration uses only the best products when protecting your home. Nature is beautiful – but harsh. The stain we use is specifically designed to protect your home in all weather conditions or elevations.  Learn More

Insect Damage

Insect protection is a major concern for log home owners. Insects can damage logs by building nests, boring holes and digesting wood. If you have an insect infestation in your wood, you also increase the chance for woodpecker damage.  Learn More

Roof Cleaning

Are your roof shingles starting to develop mold or black stains? Are you interested in trying to extend the life of your roof? We recommend you try Log Building Maintenance and Restoration roof cleaning services.  Learn More